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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 27, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> they were told not to move. >> early morning emergency. why a man had to be rescued from under a city street. unfortunately some of the consequences were lives lost and minichanged for the rest of my life. >> loan survivor of the deadly medevac crash rablingts to final report on the cause. rain gets even heavier through the night. when it will finally clear up in the sky watch forecast. >> tears, laughs, up and down. >>reporter: swine flu scare hits close to home as hundreds of teens in andarundle county say farewell to a friend. . >> hello. >> witnesses say a man was
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walking along a sidewalk when a metal grate suddenly collapsed beneath him. >> we are live at the intersection of saratoga street where it all happened. >>reporter: it was a little after 8:00 o'clock this morning when the man who was presumably on his way to work was walking along this freight here when a metal bar that supports the grate bent and collapsed. other commuters saw what happened called 911. then they heard the man shouting for help. luckily he never lost conscienceness and suffered only minor injuries to his ankle neck and back but special operation team had to be called to the rescue due to the depth and limited amount of space they had to work with. >> we arrived on the scene to find the man about 12 to 15 feet down inside confined space. >> they were telling him to be still. not to move. help was on the way. >>reporter: now the man's name not released but we are told he's going to be okay. grate has been repaired for now and city inspectors say they will get out here in the
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next 24 hours to check it. city says they don't technically inspect grates like this unless they receive a call about a concern or complaint. the grate here they also say is private property owned by the company out of north carolina that owner this building. so the city says it's not responsible for what happened here this morning. live downtown, fox 45 news at 5:30. in andarundle county jam packed funeral today for walter brooks junior. family claims he died from the swine flu. kathleen was at the funeral earlier today and joins us with the very latest. >>reporter: hundreds of teens attended the funeral jeff and they say they want their friend popular high school graduate to be remembered for his love of life. the teens crowded into the heritage community church to remember walter brooks junior. some mourners are students and alumni from north couldn't high school. where walter was a former drama student and last year's prom king.
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walter's family says the 18-year-old died from the h1n1 virus. >> walter life was cut too short and nothing anybody can could will make it better because it was not fair what happened to him but makes me happy to know that he is now in a better place where he can show heaven a thing or two about being awesome and the center of attention. e-many of the mourners say walter's death has prompted them to try and get the h1n1 vaccine. however many say they have not been able to because of the shortage. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. all right kathleen. h1n1 vaccination should be much easier to find now days. cdc claims production is growing at 8 million more doses now available. that's about 22 million doses distributed nationwide. >> we are getting to the level where it will become significantly easier to find and receive vaccines. we wish we had more vaccine available now. we wish it had been available weeks or even months earlier but we are beginning
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to get to significant increase in the availability. >> at least 1,000 americans have already died from swine flu since it first appeared back in april. now if you need more information on h1n1 just go to our web site and click on the h1n1 outbreak icon. >> baltimore city students arrived at school today to a very unwelcome surprise. graffiti on the front doors of the school. keith live in south east baltimore with more on what happened. keith. >>reporter: well, we are live at baltimore community school. it's one of the city's newest schools that combines middle and high school grades. it's a racially middle school. it opened this year and school officials are dealing with what they are calling a malicious act. now investigators say someone painted several offensive symbols including a swastika and racial slurs on the school's front doors. school officials covered the vandalism with paper initially
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and then painted over the graffiti. it wasn't a message for some students and teachers and one couldn't believe it. >> this is 2009. you know. people have gotten past that. you know they should have. if not already they should have gotten past that. we are all human. it doesn't make any sense for everybody to keep -- going against each other because of a race. it doesn't make any sense. >>reporter: city schools ceo and board chair released this statement tonight and reads in part baltimore city public schools condemns this malicious act and strongest possible way and working with city and county police to investigate. we are live in south east baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. baltimore city grand jury indiets former university maryland school of medicine
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researchers. clinton faces 14 drug related charges arrested after 29-year-old fiance overdosed and died last month and he's set for december. arsonist who killed his girl friend's 2 girls is sentenced to 2 life terms. 38-year-old clarence myers pled guilty to 2 counts of murder. police say myers set fire to a hand cock home to try and get cash donations from a community. 15-year-old my coal and her 12-year-old sister mary died in that fire. in the commonwealth of virginia sniper mohammad is set to die november 10. since he didn't decide at the will die by lethal injection. one of 10 murder in the belt way killings seven years back. his accomplice is serving a life sentence. plan to charge inmates for their time behind bars in frederick county gets unanimous approval today. county commissioners passed legislation that will charge
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inmates 10 dollars a day plus 35 dollars for dental visit and $25 foreign mate going for their ged. it's the brain child of the sheriff who says he knows some inmates don't have the means to pay but he doesn't think taxpayers should be the ones footing the bill. >> well, we find again percentage of maybe 25 to 40 percent of population are indigent so they can't pay. they have no family support. the rest of them we find they have enough money to put into their commissary account. >> get a motel for 10 bucks? even a sleazey one. so that was reason i thought. >>reporter: frederick couldn't hopes the plan will save more than 1 million dollars a year. it still has to be approved by state lawmakers in annapolis information about baltimore non-profit currently under scrutiny. councilman cole wants the city ethic board to look at activity of the baltimore city foundation. after city council president
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blake called for independent investigation. questions were raised about whether city workers used the foundation money properly. >> definitely what i want to find out. we have a city that has great needs that out pace our revenue. we need to depend on the screen ross ty of donors. >>reporter: the city controller florida ns to launch a private investigation of how donor money was used. how are the roads looking in the rainy night. kandace has the traffic edge report. >>reporter: thank you jennifer. unfortunately this rain is not leaving us. now it is still falling outside the belt way so this is a threat for many people this evening. also some trouble out there. now as far as the speed look at this. 25 miles per hour on the jfx. up to 51 traveling on 83 through baltimore county and 63 on 95 through the northeast corner. slow 45 on the west side of the belt way then 55 on 95 through howard county. now that 95 corridor that's the way to go tonight. we did just get word of a new
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accident on the northbound lanes of 29 right at route 75 and cleared out a crash on the south bound lanes of 8 naive that one was right at 95. a little bit farther up a crash there. 195 at that 95 exit so just be aware it is extra slow in that region. that's a look at the evening travels, now back to you. >> thank you kandace. >> bringing back the bird in hamden. >> great news. city and cafe have worked out a plan now bringing that pink flamingo back to the restaurant after resident made sure those at city hall knew how they felt about the loss of their beloved pink bird. you recall the city imposed 800 dollar fee for the flamingo and cafe hunt refused to pay it and dismantled the bird. resident net are thrilled the bird has migrated back. >> i love it. i love the support. i think small business owners are great and anything we can do to support them and bring special attention to them is great. >>reporter: cafe hunt owner will pay half that original amount. new improved fiberglass flamingo will soon
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be making its return in front of that building. rainy weather returns e.pretty miserable. still ahead at 5:30. vytas has the first look at the cold soggy sky watch forecast. punishment for the 2 pilots who over shot an airport by 150 miles. coming up breaking details on the latest disciplinary action. five dollars for a sub!
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>> more problems in presence. circulation for the baltimore sun fell 15 percent over the past year. that's according to the circulation department. national average for newspapers with a drop of 10.6 percent. daily circulation for the sun now less than 187,000. less than half of adults leaving in the baltimore market read the baltimore sun newspaper during a one week period. those 2 pilots who over shot a minnesota airport last week had their license revoked from the faa within the last hour. pilots claim they were using the lap tops in flight and lost track of time.
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northwest flight over shot the airport by 150 miles and did not respond where traffic controllers for more than an hour. pilot now have 10 days to appeal that decision. ntsb releases report on the cause of the fatal crash of the state police helicopter in prince george county. john joining us with those findings tonight. john? >> the ntsb reports numerous factors that resulted in the crash that killed the pilot, 2 paramedic and one of 2 patient's. mad vac chopper crashed in a park on rainy night. it took rescue crews 2 hours to find the wreckage. ntsb investigators say the pilots had plenty of experience. they say he may have been fatigued and lacked expertise in the landing approach. also problems with how air traffic controllers handled communication. and there were problems with the state police aviation unit. jordan wells was a patient on the chopper and severely injured. she says take's report brings back painful memories of that terrible
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night. i remember waking up and realizing what happened and i put my hands under my thigh and tried to pull myself out of the helicopter because they were pin and tree on top of that. i was pretty pinned and blacked out the second time i woke up and realize the situation. god trying to talk come down here and i cried out to jesus and prayed that he would send someone to find me. >>reporter: jordan wells has undergone 20 operations for her injuries. he hopes the ntsb report will prompt major improvement to prevent another tragedy. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. angry governor o'malley says he wants to set the record straight on where he stands on the constellation energy deal. o'malley administration expressed support for the 4.5 billion dollar deal but today the governor got worked up when reporters question him about backing the deal. >> i don't work for the country club set. that pat
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each other on the back and tells them what a great job they do when they stick it to consumers. i don't work for the country club set. i don't work for constellation. i don't work for schaad ick and i work for the consumers and people of maryland. >>reporter: governor says he is only backing the deal with condition he would like to see bge customers get a 200 dollar credit. he also wants to see limits set on executive pay. >> see everything that the governor had to say today. all right there on our web seat go to fox and click on raw news. definitely not a very good day to be outside e.absolutely. vytas joins us now with all the cold soggy and dark details. >> thank you very much. yes it east pretty wet out there. rain showers pick newspaper pace through the late evening hours. on radar we see a few spotty showers in the northern part of baltimore county harper county and aberdeen light showers. down south at andarundle county getting
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showers and this activity will 10 to pick up in pace as we get into the overnight hours. how much rain are we talking so far. across the area this is showing about half inch of rain or a little bit less around the city with further north you go you get up to north of belaire half inch of rain there quarter inch in aberdeen. about half inch at laurel. we are seeing some spotty amounts that are adding up here as we go through the next several hours. as you get up over the border up in oxford and up there in pennsylvania look at half inch there for those folks so definitely the rain is coming down adding to the numbers going through the next several hours. talking about the radar the rain picking up the pace in yellow indicating heavy downpour to charlottesville and more rain in southern virginia and the carolinas. we have a lot of activity working its way up out of the south and give us plenty of rainfall through the overnight and then into tomorrow morning then start to taper off. talking about how much more rainfall future scan
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right here showing anywhere from an inch to quarter inch, 3 quarter inch of rain in some spots and a lot of activity here. temperatures on the cool side of things as well in the upper 50's. tonight get the umbrella ready down to 60 and how long they stick around coming up. >> thank you. kids at 2 local elementary schools got very special surprise today. >> they got a visit from ravens qb flacco. he visited chatsworth elementary in rice town and new town elementary in owens mills. he talked to students about his life in the national football league. now if you have a story to tell us with pictures video written stories go to our web site and also send photos directly from the cell phone to picks at fox trying to get in shape. coming up at 5:30. why you might have more success if you convince your spouse to do the same thing. >> debate lingers over health care reform. heating up on et the volkswagen jetta.
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>> a battle brewing in the u.s. senate of course over a health care proposal that includes the public option. senate majority leader reed wants the option despite concern from moderate democrat. few details on how states can opt out of the plan. the only republican to support any previous proposal is now having second thoughts.
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>> does give the government disproportionate advantage in the marketplace. they can set the prices and certainly negotiate those prices at whatever level. >>reporter: connecticut senator lieberman also said he would probably vote now against the plan. that brings us to our question of the day. would you support the public option if states could opt out? go to our web site and tell us what you think. also sound off through face book. send us a tweet through twitter at fox baltimore or text your answer to 45 2 03. a.for yes and b.for no. airs tonight at 10:00. team work. mean the key to losing weight. new study shows enrolling in a weight loss program with a relative or friend helps people shed more pounds. doctors looked at more than 300 men and women after two years the average weight loss was 5 pounds. those who were working with a partner lost a lot more. ravens offense will be in
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for quite a challenge this sunday when they face former defensive coordinator nolan and top rank bronco defense. we have details coming up next in sports.
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>> welcome back. i'm bruce cunningham. ravens snap the 3 game losing streak this sunday it's not going to be easy. they are taking on the denver broncos. unbeaten at 6 and o and major surprises in the nfl this season. no secret as to how they get it done. playing defense. playing it well. in fact, broncos come in ranked no. 1 in the entire nfl in the category. john says former ravens defensive coordinator nolan working the magic yet again this time for the broncos. >> mike nolan has done a great job. he's a tremendous coach. had a great run here and
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proven in defense. what they are doing is pretty special. sum is greater than the parts the way they utilizes the players. great leadership from talk instance. fast aggressive defense and present a lot of challenges. >>reporter: and remember be part of the next division of play box and joined by my co-host and team mates tonight at the espn zone at 7:00. join us for the next taping of play book that is tonight. >> more on sunday ravens broncos game. world series preview and our player of the week award. all coming up at 10:50 on sports unlimited back to you. >> thanks so much. only tuesday but people are already thinking about saturday in the trick-or-treaters. >> nervous about the halloween forecast with a day like this. vytas will let us know what we can expect. >> kind of dismal out there at this time. we see cloudy skies and that rain is coming down. 57 degrees. will continue to see the showers as we have through the evening we have through the evening hours and showers will
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